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A day not in Paris - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
A day not in Paris
For those of whom I haven't shared this link with yet, during my trip to Europe there was one day when thewerewolf and I went our separate ways. He stayed in Paris to do laundry and generally relax his sore, tired feet, while I went to the town of Senlis.

My only regret at the end of the day was not being able to take pictures of some road signs that said "Serval" on them. We were on our way to the train station and were cutting it somewhat close. When we got there, the woman behind the counter was stuck with a crashed computer and couldn't issue anyone tickets. We made a mad rush for our train that was about to leave. I literally had to pull the train doors open to get in as it was starting to go. Whew!
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