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Short thoughts - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Short thoughts
Listening to a friend's podcast, it occurred to me that if folks like Andy Serkis are often getting passed over for winning an Oscar, wouldn't it be nice to have an organization that awards prizes to people in those circumstances, to acknowledge that some judges are idiots and there are other folks who appreciate them? Then I got hung up thinking how in the world such an organization would be moderated - What would stop Stephenie Meyer's die-hard fans when the rest of the populace thinks they lack taste/objectivity in literature? How to balance awarding the amazing work of a scientist vs. a little girl who did something really nice in her small-town community?

I was just having an ICQ chat that was going on for too long, and it was time to sleep. "If/then" situations came up in our conversation, so I made a BASIC programming joke: "10 GOTO BED". My friend got the hint and so we signed off... and instead of shutting down the chat window, like I'd done hundreds of times, I typed "QUIT". Subconsciously, without thinking. Auuuuugh! Man, that runs deep.

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