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Stamps and Scala - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Stamps and Scala

(getting the gratuitous complaint out of the way first) My $35 headphones I use at work broke, and are unrepairable with either superglue or twist-ties. Of course they'd break right after I bought a second pair for home. (complaint mode off)

(sharing mode on)

I just sent out a whole lotta little packages to people! I'm not much of a stamp collector, but I had to scan one of my stamps before I used it. (I got it from a co-worker who does collect stamps). And I scanned an older stamp I've kept around for a couple of years.

The moose one is like two inches long! This other stamp is small though, you can see the printing dots.

And now to tangent completely. I didn't bring back much new stuff from Europe, and the few things I did buy turned out to be less interesting than hoped. One of the so-so purchases were a set of CDs by a group called "Scala".

Scala is a choir of teenage girls from Belgium. They're directed by the brothers Kolacny. The brothers take pop or rock music, adapt it so one or both of them play it on piano, while the choir sings on top of it. It's quirky and interesting, if at least for the choice of songs, some of which are quite beautiful. Although most of the CDs are song covers, there do seem to be some independant works here and there, possibly commissioned or at least sung by an adult vocalist with the choir as backup. Some of the songs are in French.

I'd listen to the CDs more often, except that the selection has mostly a sad, sometimes melancholy feel. Still, a few songs are positive and warm. Also, the choir tends to sing (very quietly) and then VERY LOUDLY, and this can be a bit distracting. But damn, the sound quality is nice! They choose... songs which you wouldn't except to hear necessarily, or they arrange them in unexpected ways. They do a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit (hey, who hasn't?) which is actually incredibly down-beat, quiet and somber.

I've played bits from the CDs for some of you already, but for those who haven't heard them, here are four excerpts. (All under 500K each)

With or without you, by U2.

Creep, by Radiohead. Swearing included.

I touch myself, by The Divinyls. This is a song that... just sounds wrong when it's sung by a Belgian teenage girl choir.

And finally, Someone New, by "Eskobar/Heather Nova". This one starts off in a minor key during the verses, but when the chorus comes it switches to a loud, positive major key, and makes my hair stand on end and yet I feel warm inside at the same time.

That's all, folks!
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niall_ From: niall_ Date: February 23rd, 2005 04:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
I did tell you that I went through most of the CD in the background without really noticing the songs, as the adaptations are often just left-field enough from the original to not have the brain click in. Until, of course, Every Breath You Take which has the melodic hook by the piano from the start. So I blinked. Then listed to the Divinyls cover and just shuddered, not believing my ears, until my brain went: "Remember, this is a from Dronon." "Oh, right," said the ears, "how could we have forgotten!"
entropicana From: entropicana Date: February 24th, 2005 03:57 am (UTC) (Link)
Wierdly enough, I just rediscovered I had these songs. I played them for Av not a week ago. He was floored.

Oh, BTW, pop onto ICQ sometime... I left you a message there.
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