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Musique concrète - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Musique concrète
Argh, chain-memes. Arright, arright. Thanks to thewerewolf for this one. If you speak French, the title of my post is a pun based on the title of his post - if you misspell one of the vowels.

If I hadn't been for this meme, I would have made a really long post about Doctor Who in echo of pyat's post, but now it's too late at night and no one wants to read two long posts me from in a row. (grin)

1. Total Volume of Music on My Hard Drive:

A little under 3G. This is an approximation of the mp3s, a lot of which I don't often listen to. My music collection is pretty poor. There's actually a lot more music data on my hard drive, but most of it is in WAV format recorded off streaming Internet radio broadcasts, and is stuff I listen to even more rarely. I really need to clean things up and put the songs onto audio CDs.

2. The last CD I bought was:

Scala on the Rocks. The number of CDs I've purchased for myself totals less than thirty. This is because I don't generally like any artist's general output, only specific songs here and there.

3. The song playing right now:

Industry - State of the Nation

4. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Not trying to sound philosophical or anything, I'm not exactly sure what qualifies as giving a song a personal "meaning". What appeals to me most about songs are melodic things. Especially a single instrument doing a neat combination of notes suddenly that I might find pleasing. Or even better, several instruments doing their neat melodic things independently, that suddenly when played together interact marvellously with one another.

Often I completely ignore lyrics or mis-hear them (e.g., I want to lift live cannonballs instead of I want to live like animals). Sometimes I'll have no idea what a song is about. There are a couple of times when I've made an effort to listen to the lyrics of a song I've liked melodically, only to have it ruined because I've disliked the words.

I tend not to relate songs to my self. I'll associate some songs with a memory of an event in my past - but not important events. Generally things like I remember riding in my friend's car and listening to that song together or I remember liking the video for this song when I was eleven. The most "meaning" I give to a song is usually "I feel happy, and I want to listen to (this song)".

Hrmmm. Songs I listen to a lot? I have a small music collection (relatively speaking), which makes the music I listen to "a lot"... a lot of them. I'm having a really difficult time putting this list together. If you want to read something into it... your guess is as good as mine. :)

Okay. These are five songs I have on repeat on my headphones at work occasionally, that have come in and out of favour with my preferences on a fairly regular basis. Be assured that all of these are non-horrid songs. Given what music I've forced on my friends in the past, I don't want to scare people away from potential new music they might want to look for.

World Party - Ship of Fools
Robert Fripp - Asturias (this is an instrumental)
Stars - Elevator Love Letter
Voix Bulgares (aka Bulgarian choir) - Polegnala e Todora
Buena Vista Social Club - Murmullo

5. Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?

Erg. Not a big friends list...

Ringo - Because I haven't said hi lately.
Pyat - Because I'm curious what your daughter gets to listen to with you.
Boing - Because I wonder what music soothes your mood after you get off work.
Moment - Because I wonder if we've got any geeky crossover.
TheWerewolf - Because sending the meme back to the person who sent it is strange and surprising.

I've been thinking in the future of making huge posts with mini-essays and tons of audio clips on specific subjects. I mean, more so than usual. About particular types of music I like, comedy groups - in part educational for my friends to explain the inner workings of my interests, and maybe make a few converts along the way. :) But it would be a lot of stuff to wade through. Would folks be interested, or would that scare you off, or is it something you wouldn't have the time for?

Current Music: See above

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From: pobig Date: April 7th, 2005 07:49 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: huge posts.

WOOOO! Do it!

pyat From: pyat Date: April 7th, 2005 03:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ack! A meme!

I'll get on that today.
From: cjthomas Date: April 7th, 2005 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
1 GB, most of that being .wavs prepared for CD burning, so in practice a couple hundred megs =^.^=. Midis are small (and most of my collection).

This got me wondering when I _had_ actually last bought a CD. It was probably either that gigantic package of classical pieces that I got while picking up a DVD for Thorncliff (around the time of the TRON anniversary, which dates it a bit), or the Gradia II soundtrack that came with the game (that was earlier, I think, but not sure). I tend to either just listen to the CDs I have, or get new CDs as birthday/christmas presents instead of buying them (most recent: Dennis Leary CDs, at Christmas).

The music in my head is usually enough =o.o=.
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