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Animated film - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Animated film
There's a new animated film! ...in Europe. It may have recently had an official release in France, or maybe that's still a few months away. It's already made some festival appearances. The film? Renart the Fox. I'm assuming this is the official title, because in French it would be "Renart le Renard", which would sound pretty stupid.

The film was made by Thierry Schiel and crew of Oniria Pictures, which is in Luxembourg. Inspired by a well-known set of medieval European tales with a fox trickster meant to mock the nobility. At least that's what I'm told; I've never read any of them. If you've ever encountered wolf characters in the fandom or in comics that use the name "Isengrim" or variants thereof, it's from the same tales.

Anywho, I haven't found any external reviews of it from animation experts, although there's some publicity fluff pieces floating around. The most detail I was able to find was a trailer and (if you can read French) an interview, with a number of stills and production sheets. From the looks of it they've added a wacky rat sidekick with a distinctly European-comics-style schnoz, so who knows what kind of resemblance this movie bears to the original material.

I'd like to extend a huge thank-you for everyone's feedback! I really needed it. I don't think I'll be taking my parents up on the car offer, or at least, not this car at this time.

Full details on the car: A (dark red?) 1988 Plymouth Horizon, 4-door hatchback, with a little under 100,000 km, in regular use since about 1999 and not used much before then. Last safety inspection in 2000, and an emissions inspection this last January. Heater needs replacement. No rubber undercoating, so it needs an annual oil spray underneath to protect from salt. The car has the older kind of door locks that can be easily picked with a coat hanger. And, as my father reports, "It handles well on the road except at speeds above 100km/hr. It really was not designed to be driven at speeds that most drivers go on the highways these days." Not that this bothered my parents at all, who usually drive at around 95km/hr on highways regardless of the surrounding traffic passing them angrily.

Insurance? Assuming no discounts, somewhere between $800 and $1000 a year. Parking? In my apartment building, $50/month, and there'd be a three-month wait before I'd get a private space of my own - although I'd be able to park in the public lot for the same price in the interim. If I want a parking space at work, $25/month (with an electrical outlet) or $15/month (at the far end of the lot with no electrical outlet). Also, for my first 9 months after getting licensed, I could only drive the car if I had a licensed driver in the passenger seat next to me - in other words, only when someone came over to visit. And most of my visiting friends drive to my place anyway.

In short, I'd be shelling out close to somewhere between $1500-$2000 dollars (plus driving lessons) in my first year of car ownership. My opportunities to drive the car would be negligible, and it would be sitting largely unattended in an indoor but easily-accessible parking lot, and is an easy car to break into - as well as getting on the used side to begin with. Given that I want to put some serious money into my RRSPs this year, a car (and especially this car) would not be a particularly good investment at this time. Although I could still take driving lessons and rent a car if I needed to.

Hey Pyat, still interested? My other option would be to tell my parents to drive it to our cottage, store it in the barn again, not loan it to my aunt there, and wait until next year if I still want it. Or they can give it to my aunt or sell it off.

Hey, anyone interested in seeing the Hitch-Hiker's guide to the Galaxy this weekend?

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Funos and Entropicana! Ack! I missed 'em both! Happy birthdays all the same. :)

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zrath From: zrath Date: April 28th, 2005 09:19 am (UTC) (Link)

Dude, the art direction in that Renart movie looks like it's straight out
of the "Sly Cooper" videogames for PS2. It's uncanny!
Also, the French title is indeed "Renart, Le Renard".
The whole thing looks videogame-cut-scene-y...

pierrekrahn From: pierrekrahn Date: April 28th, 2005 02:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
"(and especially this car) would not be a particularly good investment at this time"

Here's the truth Tom... Any car at any time is always a terrible investment!

Always has been, always will be.
There are only two reasons to get a car.
1) Necessity
2) Convenience/freedom

I can't really say that I need a car, but it sure comes in handy on weekends.
niall_ From: niall_ Date: April 28th, 2005 04:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh yeah, that movie. I remember going to the site a while ago. Every click opens a new page! Arrrrgh! And yes, very much videogame-y in feel. Computer-generated in any case.

I'm curious to know whether the use of "Kung-Fu Fighting" is only in that English preview, or in the movie itself - and if so, whether English or French or both. It's horribly cheesy, but old US tunes are always in favour in France...

I can't help but giggle when comparing it to the BD "Le Polar de Renard" which uses nearly all teh same characters (same story source) but, um, rather differently. And Hersente is NOT the same looking at all... Why do so many villain's wives/SOs always look so ugly/big/dumb? Gah...
orleans From: orleans Date: April 30th, 2005 01:48 am (UTC) (Link)
The Renart movie looks very interesting. Nice visual style. Thanks for the link! :)

As for the car, the only good reason to get a car is because you need one. And downtown you really don't need one. It cost a lot of money to park, insure, run, and maintain. Unexpected repairs can really drain your savings. Since you work and live downtown, and can walk to most places you want to go, I say skip it. If you need to go to the suburbs, and the bus doesn't work for you, a cab ride or two a month is still much cheaper than even an inexpensive auto!
pyat From: pyat Date: April 30th, 2005 06:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

I personally would probably not be, but danaeris IS looking for a small, fuel efficient car.

How much would your parents want for it? Would they be willing to get the heater fixed?
dronon From: dronon Date: May 9th, 2005 03:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Whoop, I didn't see your post there, sorry. As things currently stand, I told my parents that if there's a way to store the car for a year without spending much on insurance or storage, I'd be interested in taking it later - once I take lessons, get licensed, and pass the first year of probationary driving.

My mother thinks it's do-able, but my father is apparently in Calgary and so has not read nor responded to our e-mails.

As to what they'd want for it, I have no idea - I've never seen them try to sell things so I don't know how they price things or if they'd haggle. I'm pretty sure they'd be o.k. with getting the heater fixed, since they were willing to do that for me in the first place.
6 comments or Leave a comment