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Theft music - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Theft music
My pal fetlock had the misfortune recently of someone breaking into his place and taking his wallet, and this song is dedicated to him to make him feel a little better.

I'm taking your stuff, lyrics by Shari Elf, covered by Yukio Yung and R. Stevie Moore. (Original music link and a list of all the covers can be found here.)

Like the dogs
Like the dogs in the night
Like some birds in a flight
I'm taking your kite
I'm riding your bike
And I'm calling you Mike
And I'll give you a light
But I'm taking your kite.

Like the cats
Like the cats in the day
Like the dogs, now at play
I am taking your tray
I'm going away
And I'm calling you Ray
And I'm here for today
Later taking your tray.

Like the bee
Like the bee in the tree
Like the Queen of the Sea
I am taking your keys
And we'll later have tea
And I'm calling you Lee
And I'll serve you some peas
While I'm taking your keys.

Like the man
Like the man with a tan
Like some ladies named Ann
I am taking your fan
I'm juggling some cans
And I'm calling you Dan
And I'll give you a pan
But I'm taking your fan.

Like the end
Like the end of a song
And the words all spelled wrong
I am taking your thong
I'm putting it on
And I'm calling you Ron
Soon I'll be gone
Gone with your thong.

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fetlock From: fetlock Date: August 16th, 2005 04:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
(Laughs) Thank you Dronon

such a silly song
they can have the thong
thats just so wrong
taking a thong
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