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NaDruWriNi - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
So tonight I participated in National Drunk Writing Night, for people who don't have it together for writing the Natoinal Novel Writing Month challenge. plonq and atara were are kind hosts. Atara in particular should be thanked ofr her hospitality because she got drunk quicker than the rest of us, wrote faster, went to bed, but couldn't get to sleep for something like three hours until the rest of us called taxis and stumbled home. And much thanks to Plonq for literally putting together a spare computer for me to type on out of spare parts, and also making a bootdisk for an ancient laptop with Windows 3.1 on it. fetlock and pierrekrahn were in attendance and wrote too. As it happens, the computer thrown together that I was on had no floppy disk drive nor ethernet card, so the posting of my story will be slightly delayed. I'd like to apologize to the other people for basically ignoring them rudely a lot of the time with my headphones on; yet blabbing out drunken sarcastic commentary whenever I felt like it - that was rather unilateral of me, but then, I've only gotten sloshed like this once before and that was over ten years ago, so I don't have much of a perspective on how I behave under the circumstances. Actually I'm disappointed I didn't get more drunk than I did. We did,of course, share an extremely large meal at Red Lobster before we started. I have a large body weight, but I've never built up a resistance to alcohol, and I thought it would take me less to get drunk, but it didn't. As the evening progressed I plateaued and then began to get sober again. Like right now, my typing's been good but wait until you see the mistakes in what I wrote. It's the typical absurdist stuff it's easy for me to come up with, but with less wit I'm afraid. At least it this case it was governed less mentally and consciously than I'd write under other circumstances. Will keep you updated, and when I'm awake and refreshed and re-hydrated and sober and have my attention span back I'll sit down and read what you all wrote. Damn you Pierre, your multiple LJ postings fill up two screens on my friends list! But I greatly enjoyed the evening. Good friends make for good company.

Nighty-night all. Hrm. Five a.m. Good morning!


Current Mood: drunk drunk

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