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On the outside looking in - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
On the outside looking in
I stumbled across two external references to Canada recently, one about problems crossing the border, and a poem that lost someone his job.

In other news, I had a lovely time with friends over the other night, and showed them the first episode of The Lost Room, which I'd been itching to do for months. Two more episodes to go! It leaves itself wide open to become a fully-fledged series, which I hope it does - although it could suffer the "let's continue things indefinitely" problem that the X-Files and Twin Peaks did. If a series is too open-ended, the viewers get frustrated because answers are never provided. On the other hand, when major plot elements get resolved, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the freshness of a series and to keep a sense of mystery going. Anyway, the three episodes should be available on DVD by mid-April.

Another thing we tried last night was putting random words in a hat, drawing out two, and then seeing what came up on YouTube. Don't - do - this. Nothing, nothing was entertaining. What we got was really stupid, lame, boring, or mildly disturbing. I was expecting at least a 10% success rate due to Sturgeon's Law, but nope. Lesson learned: In the future, search YouTube using non-random keywords.
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