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...do your laundry! (Like the Romans do) Hi everyone! I've got… - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain — LiveJournal
...do your laundry! (Like the Romans do)

Hi everyone! I've got limited time at this terminal and I'm not sure how often I'll get access, but so far so good. The flights to Europe went well, the trains didn't, and EF13 went well. It was difficult for me to meet new people, but I managed to do so by halfway through so I had folks to talk to. Great puppet show as well with high production values.

thewerewolf and I have only been in Rome one day so far. We enjoyed the Vatican museum and I went to St. Paul's Basilica, which my poor little camera will simply not do justice. Tonight we're taking it slow and getting our clothes washed. The tales of insane traffic, corrupt taxi drivers and annoying gypsies are true. But we also had an excellent taxi driver and many people have been very helpful to us despite the language difficulties. We're here for another three and a half days, one of which we hope to spend in Pompeii, then it's off to Athens!

Not much time free here, so I'm going to have a lot of LJ posts to catch up on when I get back. I hope everyone's doing well, and will see you when I get back! Other mini-posts to follow as oppotunity permits.
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