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A great animated short - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
A great animated short
RIP George Carlin, Stan Winston, and Tony Schwartz.

Gobelins, a French animation school, recently showed some of their students' animated shorts at a festival. Really really short shorts. And there's one that's simply beautiful. Starting from this page, scroll down to Garuda, and click where it says "Découvrir ce film". You'll need to have Quicktime or something similar installed to be able to watch it. Garuda is a half-bird, half-human creature in Hindu mythology, the sacred companion of Vishnu.

Had a lovely dinner with pierrekrahn, plonq and atara this last weekend, and I've started to experiment with my wok and making smoothies. (Not in the wok.)

And pyat and niall_, glad you both made it back from your trips safe and sound! pyat, I'm glad the guy you saw in the airport wasn't Gary Spivey.
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