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Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Various linkage
How to make a cardboard chaise-lounge for your cat.

My Little Cthulhu.

Animated short, mildly amusing: The Pumpkin of Nyefar.

Corn on the cob, blueberry linzertorte, apple cider, and home-made chicken pot pie. (OM NOM NOM)

The corn, cider, and onion in the pot pie all came from the farmer's market. The carrots, peas, and some of the herbs came from my garden.

Also, my friend fetlock has given me a small counter-top deep fryer, about 8 years old, that he got from his parents but never used much. How bad is this going to be for my figure? I'm trying to think of things to try cooking in it. So far I've come up with sweet potato fries, chicken, falafel, donuts, onion rings, tempura, and pakoras.
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