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A comic, a game and two videos

Comic: The Abominable Charles Christopher is an odd, funny and sometimes very sad comic about... er... a confused Yeti in a forest, who is eventually put on a spiritual quest to help the forest fend off the encroachment of mankind. Several minor plot threads, with frequent jumping to and fro between them. Lots of talking animal critters abound, including a bird couple having a marital tiff, and viral marketing skunks. And great artwork. Worth reading from the start! Sadly it only comes out once a week. (And don't worry, he loses the pacifier.)

Game: The Majesty of Colors, in which you get to play a bizarre sea monster, or at least someone dreaming they're in the mind of a bizarre sea monster. Five possible endings, only one of them good. One is sad/tragic, and the remaining three are slight variations on each other in which you're at war with humanity. It's a very short game. You can click through the text.

Video one: The StarLost was a horrid Canadian science-fiction TV show made in the early 1970s, adapted from a script of Harlon Ellison's that was so badly mangled that Ellison wanted absolutely nothing more to do with it. You can read more about it here. One thing about it though - it had one of the most infuriating and annoying computer AI interfaces I've ever seen, something I can totally see happening in the future, which is why I chose this particular clip.

Video two: Pas de Deux, a beautiful NFB piece by Norman McLaren. I've posted about this before, but now the whole thing's available online. You may think, "Oh, so he's repeating images on the screen, so what?" - Well, this was done before computer technology was up to it. He combined the images frame by frame, *manually*. But be warned, this is slow. He builds it up deliberately slowly, doing very simple optical tricks at first, then introducing the second dancer, and then only going crazy with multi-images towards the end. If you have the patience and don't mind artsy stuff, it's worth the wait.
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