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Worldcon, anyone? - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
Worldcon, anyone?
Anyone heading out to Worldcon in Montreal this summer? I'd like to organize some panels and such but need a headcount.

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darrelx From: darrelx Date: March 8th, 2009 01:29 am (UTC) (Link)
[linked here from Kage's journal]

Well, since Taral Wayne is a guest this year, there should be *some* furries showing up.

I will probably be there, but please, don't put me on any furry-related panels. Half of furry thinks of me as the anti-christ, another half pities me for what I had to go through, and a third half doesn't even know who I am.

Wait... that's 3 halves.

Yeah... so? It's furry fandom -- it doesn't add up no matter how you look at it.

dronon From: dronon Date: March 8th, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi Darrel! No worries, consider me part of that middle half. I don't know the whole story and never want to; it's none of my business and as far as I'm concerned just making the effort to run a convention is a noble activity, fandom politics be damned.

I would never put anyone on any panels without their permission! Currently we haven't asked for any, because I don't think we have enough folks to pull off specialized discussions. I think I might hold a basic "Introduction to furry fandom" talk, which isn't much, but hey. I haven't made any special plans for Taral yet, although I'd like to somehow give the old curmudgeon some symbolic show of appreciation.

I have, however, requested a table in the exhibit area to show some of the good things in the fandom. Were you at the Toronto Worldcon in 2003? I vaguely recall someone that might have been you, with their young daughter. Anyhow, if we do get a table this year, the most I'd ask for, purely on a voluntary basis, is for folks to take turns sitting there for a bit - otherwise I won't get the chance to see the con myself. :)
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