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An interesting indie game - Which is not unduly obvious, as I am about to explain
An interesting indie game
Glum Buster is a recently-released indie game I've been playing this week that will keep you occupied for about 4-6 hours. It's rather hard to describe without giving away spoilers. I'd probably categorize it as a platformer-puzzler-art game with a gradual, exploratory pace. You need both hands to play; one to use the arrow keys and the other to use the left and right mouse buttons.

There are five chapters to explore. Along the way, you can collect hats, five special butterflies, and little yellow things called "grins". Some grins are hidden; you basically have to walk into them to find them. Other grins are acquired when you defeat enemies. Supposedly there are 275 grins to collect, which I think is only possible if you defeat multiple enemies simultaneously, the first time you meet them.

What really sold me on this game is the atmosphere, the graphics and the level design. My only complaint is that it's too *dark* - I don't meen moody, I mean I occasionally had to turn my monitor's gamma levels way way up so I could see things. Even so, this is a very well-designed game, definitely worth checking out. A worthy successor to Seiklus!

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